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Designed to the current ISO EN and TIA standards for Class EA / Category 6A performance these products are intended to deliver reliable, high network performance over permanent link distances of up to 90 metres and channels up to 100m, including applications such as 10GBASE-T, 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Each cable consists of 4 unscreened twisted pairs which are formed around a specifically designed X filler, manufactured from lightweight flexible polyethelene. The use of a X filler to separate and maintain the position of conductors within high frequency unscreened cable designs has become standard practice following their introduction into Category 6 cables some years ago. By controlling - and making consistent - the spacing and positioning of each pair in relation to the others within the cable performance levels can be assured and issues such as crosstalk within and between cables can be addressed.

The term 'Alien Crosstalk' refers to the influence on the signal from a source external to the jacket sheath. i.e. it is the crosstalk from the other Category 6A cables. This revised design is now round and uses a saw tooth inner shape to the sheath to increase the air gap from adjacent cables. These resulting air gaps drastically reduce the risks of Alien Crosstalk. The risks are further mitigated by following good installation practices - refer to the Excel Installation Guide.

Excel Category 6A cables are jacketed in an Ice Blue low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) compound compliant with flame retardant standards as defined in IEC 60332-1 (option for IEC 60332-3), and smoke emission standards IEC61034. Supplied on 500 metre plywood drums, each cable has a print legend identifying the specification, part code and sequential metre marking which counts down from 500 metres to 1 metre, on each drum to reduce waste.


Category 6A component compliant
Suitable for 10 Gigabit, Ethernet applications
Lightweight, Compact Round Design
Low Smoke Zero Halogen Outer Sheath
Conventional unscreened construction
Compact, but robust, design
Specified to 500MHz

  • Product Code: 100-189